Lawn Mowing & Landscaping Services

Every lawn is unique and has a specific set of needs.  Will provide inexpensive custom qtq80-g3WPdS care for your lawn including varying mowing patterns and edging.   Seeding, lawn repair, lawn fertilization and leaf pickup services also provided.

A healthy lawn does not need lawn a lot of chemicals that can be harmful to children, pets and wildlife. Routine and targeted watering, combined with regular mowing and fertilization (if needed) is often all you need.

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Snow Removal Services

With seven years professional snow removal experience, I will provide quality snowblowersnow removal to ensure safe use of driveways and walkways avoiding pileups near driveway entrances and accumulation on trees and shrubs.  Salting/deicing of sidewalks also included.

Beware of deicers containing ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate. Products containing these compounds are known to aggressively deteriorate concrete surfaces.

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Handyman & Other Services

Over 10 years property manager experience and handyman experience featuring installation and repair of doors, windows, walls and flooring.  Also, many years experience installing appliances such as dishwashers, range tops and air conditioners.

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Request a Quote

I am an independent professional focused on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. For a quote, contact “Go See Brown” today to arrange a visit to your residence or business.  Estimates can be provided over the phone.  Information needed is size of your driveway (length & width) and linear feet of sidewalks.

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